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Software Development

We provide Software Solutions Development and Consulting services and develop premium industry-focused software-based bespoke solutions to help organisations efficiently utilize Information Technology Systems to streamline business processes and ensure they meet their business goals.

Take Your Business Further with High-End Custom Software Solutions
Companies invest heavily in the development and evolution of business processes to encapsulate activities that differentiate them and give them a competitive advantage. Software solutions are now an integral part of these core business processes. However, it’s almost impossible to find an off-the-shelf software product that caters for such highly customized business processes. Changing these processes to fit a “one-size-fits-all” software product minimizes this advantage or eliminates it altogether.  A customized purpose-built software solution tailored around your unique business processes is a valuable and cost-effective long-term investment that augments your business functions, instead of hindering them, allowing you to maximise the capitalization on your competitive advantage.

We design and build software solutions tailored around the unique challenges and opportunities of your business, ensuring a tight alignment with your unique business processes, maximising your competitive advantage, and turning your software from an expense to a powerful business asset.

Customized Software: A powerful asset for your business
We leverage our industry, process, software, and technology expertise to offer a flexible blend of services to small, mid-size and large corporations within diverse industries ranging from insurance and finance, retail and wholesale, warehousing, import/export, to health management services.  Our technology expertise spans multiple software development languages and technologies in an agile development environment to ensure a rapid and cost-effective software development cycle that produces solid and reliable software solutions.  Our methodology is customer-centric, always focused on our clients’ business requirements and vision.

From Concept to Reality
We offer our customers a wide range of solutions and services from early planning through development and to ongoing maintenance. Our services include:

End-to-end software solutions development
When off-the-shelf software products do not match your unique business processes, investing in a complete customised software solution tailored to your business becomes imperative.We study your industry, analyse your business processes, capture your business requirements and design and architect the software solution that tightly fits your needs. We then develop, test and deploy the software and provide training, maintenance and support services.

Development of add-on software Modules for existing software solutions
Due to fast-paced dynamic market demands, existing software products often fall behind and no longer meet the full demands of your business. This leaves gaps that are often addressed by ad-hoc, inefficient, and often manual processes, creating a negative impact on your business performance and productivity.  We design and develop specialised, encapsulated software modules that seamlessly integrate with your existing software products and efficiently address these shortfalls.

Full-spectrum development and support for existing software products
We provide maintenance, support and enhancement services to extend the lifespan of end-of-life or legacy software products that your business relies on for its critical functions.

Automated and On-Demand Reporting modules
As more and more of your business functions have been computerized over the past few decades, a wealth of information about your business operation has accumulated in your application databases. Unlocking this information through clear, concise and consolidated reporting can provide you with the key to a solid understanding of your business’s operational status and afford you the ability to easily improve and expand on your services. We develop automated and on-demand custom reporting modules tailored to your specific needs, giving you a snapshot of any aspect of your business’s operation when you need it.

Automated and On-Demand Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Modules
Your business relies on multiple software products typically developed and supported by different vendors or hosted on separate computer hardware. Each of these disparate products will maintain and manage its own data within separate databases. Your business however may need to transfer or combine this data either as a one-off event or a recurring process.

We design and develop purpose-built automated and on-demand ETL tools that allow you to:

  • Extract the required data from the source database or databases
  • Transform the data into the required format either automatically or using a graphical user interface
  • Load the data to the target database or databases

Data Migration and Modernization
Whether you’re implementing an entirely new enterprise application or consolidating, upgrading, or modernizing an existing one, a strong focus on data migration is essential to your overall project success.  We provide an end-to-end data migration and modernization service that includes assessment, database migration, conversion, optimization, testing, tuning and deployment.