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We specialise in the design and implementation of VoIP phone systems including CISCO systems. We can take your existing fixed line phone costs and develop a VoIP based wireless solution that can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month (like we did for National Hearing Care in NZ).

Our Unified Communications and VoIP team will work with you to understand your existing business phone system costs and develop a solution that works for your business. Whether you’re just looking for CISCO Routers or VoIP phones, or you need a full VOIP solution we can help today.  

Benefits of VOIP

1. Reduce costs
2. Flexibility
3. Phone number portability
4. Conference calling

Our support desk team are experienced in providing CISCO Support for CISCO phones and CISCO Systems.  

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been around for a few years and if you’ve ever been on Skype, you’ve experienced a level of VoIP already. Essentially, you’ve talked over the internet, rather than via your POTS (Plain Old Telephone System).

Consumers have more choice than ever before on where they spend their telephone budget. Or if they spend anything at all(!) Naturally, there are levels of delivery and service.

Firstly, deciding from the outset that your VoIP system is going to be on a strong internet connection is a good decision to make. And you’ll get more than just great phones out of a strong internet connection.

Next you need to choose hardware (phones) and software (programmes) that you are going to use to VoIP.

What are your options? For basic functionality - you can attach a microphone and camera to your PC or laptop and use your internet connection to talk.

If you have just one phone, you could use an ATA (analogue telephone adaptor) which enables you to connect a standard phone to your computer or internet connection to use VoIP. Essentially an ATA is a converter. There’s limited functionality with an ATA (for example call transferring is not simple).

Or you could use an IP Phone (Internet Protocol) Phone. These phones look like ordinary phones, but they have network computer cables into the back of them and they connect either into your PC or into your router.

With these choices, you’ll be considering sound quality and consistent delivery of great voice. Especially for business. You’ll want to sound nearby, clear and available for your customers and prospects.

At Strata Networks, we can provide the strong, consistent internet delivery that is required and from there, depending on the amount of phones you’re looking for – you can rely on Strata for a home connection or a managed call system.

For businesses, a managed call system will give you a lot of flexibility. For everyone Caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, call diversion etc etc are very quick and easy to action. Also, you won’t be paying a small subscription fee each month for this little feature and that little add-on. A great advantage of VoIP

Contact us today to find out how CISCO Unified Communications and VoIP based telephony can provide cost savings and better technology to your business.

For more information or to book a free 2 hour consultation with one of our Qualified IT Technicians please call us today on 0800 950 794 or fill in the contact form here.